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There is no better way to experience the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains than with a Farabee Jeep.  Get above it all for breathtaking scenery, historic mines and the expansive wilderness that is Colorado.  

Explore the famous Alpine Loop in the comfort of your own trail-ready Jeep Wrangler.  Trail maps and operating instructions. Call 877.970.JEEP today to reserve your adventure! 


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Colorado like you’ve never seen it!  Drive one of our top-of-line, trail-ready Jeep Wranglers over the spectacular Rocky Mountain passes, around the famous Alpine Loop, past historical mines, and through the gorgeous aspen and pine forests.  Take your friends, family and a picnic and experience beauty and history most people only see in pictures. 

We know Jeeps and we know Colorado 4x4 trails.  Most trails in the area are moderate for easy navigation and driving, but offer unparalleled scenic views and adventure only available when you leave the paved highways behind.  See Colorado in the comfort of your own Jeep…Get above it all!


In addition to full day and multi-day rentals, we offer half-day rentals (4-Hours) so that you can drive to the top of a mountain in the morning and still be back in town for lunch and shopping.

To make your adventure fun and easy,  each of our locations' knowledgeable staff provides:

  • Free mapping service: easy, moderate and adventurous trails!
  • Driving tips & operating instructions
  • Cooler with Ice

All Jeeps are not created equal.  Some rental car companies offer “stock” Jeeps with tiny street tires.  Typically, your rental contract prohibits you from taking it on back roads anyway. We not only allow you to leave pavement, we encourage it, and provide you with the resources and equipment to do so easily, comfortably, and safely.  And we are the only rental company that can provide nearby support no matter where you choose to explore in the Colorado Southwest. Our Jeeps are new, easy to drive, and 4x4 trail-ready ready:

  • Automatic transmissions & Air Conditioning
  • Convertible soft tops – go open or enclosed
  • 2-inch suspension lift with 32-inch heavy-duty tires


No previous 4x4 driving experience is required, just a little bit of common sense and a thirst to explore!  Proceed at your own pace, go where you want to go, and let the road unfold before you.

Our knowledgeable staff personally creates our trail maps to be detailed, yet simple to follow.  We will go over current trail conditions with you and give you pointers for things to note along your way.  We also cover Jeep operating procedures and driving tips—these are simple and easy to use 4x4’s.

There are a variety of trails to choose from at each of our locations.  When you arrive, you’ll find photos of all the area has to offer, so that you can be sure to find the excursion best suited for you.

checkVisit all of our stores—each location offers a new and spectacular adventure!  Ouray, Telluride, Lake City, Moab, Death Valley…More…

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